Meet the DUI Interceptor, Columbus Police Department’s mobile breath testing vehicle. We’re on a mission to keep our roads safe from impaired drivers. That means you’ll see us out in the community, patrolling the streets of Columbus and surrounding areas and processing DUI drivers on the spot.

Going out tonight?
So are we.

The best way to ensure you don’t get charged with DUI—or worse, cause an accident—is to make a plan for how you’ll get home safely before you start drinking. Figure out a designated driver or keep the number for a ride service handy in your phone. You, your loved ones, and everyone in your community will be grateful you did.

Ohio’s DUI Statistics

100,000 Drivers

For every 100,000 licensed drivers, almost 150 have received a DUI

50% of Fatal Crashes in 2021

Of 12 fatal crashes in 2021, half of them were because of intoxicated drivers

100,000 residents

For every 100,000 residents, 3 people were killed in drunk driving accidents

We’re in the community.

Have an event and want to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving? Book the DUI Interceptor to attend and share information about our program.

Our Determined Partners

We appreciate and value the passionate commitment of our partners helping to keep our roads safe.

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Get a lift.

If you’ve been drinking, don’t drive.
Here are some ride service options to
get home safely.

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